Activ8 X Diet Drops Review

Activ8 fat burner dropsProduct Name: Activ8 X
Who makes it?
– AMAS Enterprises
What is it? – Fast-acting liquid diet drops
Basic function? – Helps lose fat via many actions
Recommended? – Yes, we think it’s the top diet drop available
Where is it available? – product site (link below), shipping is worldwide inc. the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and European countries.

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Activ8 X Diet Drops Review

active 8 diet dropsSlimming aids come in a variety of options these days—shakes, pills, capsules; there are even blends of weight loss tea and coffee. Then there are diet drops such as Activ8 X.

Diet drop formulations tend to deliver their active contents more quickly than other forms of supplement, so the fact that they are faster-working is usually used as one of the main selling points, but just because something gets to work quickly in no way guarantees it will do a satisfactory job.

Will Activ8 X slog on like a good ‘un, or punch out early with most of the work undone? Let’s take a closer look.

Main Selling Points

  • 10 clinically proven weight loss ingredients
  • Works with any diet plan
  • Incorporates brand new drop technology
  • Great customer support

best diet drops UKThe site references a few tests, but it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say all the ingredients are clinically proven. Test results are often conflicting.

In the case of chromium for instance, the referenced 1950s test produced promising results, but chromium performed little better than a placebo in more recent tests.

Chromium is however a good insulin balancer. It should and is included as a secondary ingredient to assist overall weight management.

Customer support is undeniably good. Email, chat, and online form contact options are available and there is also an 0800 number (UK freefone) helpline.

The manufacturers also provide a free diet sheet. Its use is optional, but should prove beneficial for customers who do not already have a diet plan in place.

 Delivery Method & Promised Results

Drops are placed underneath the tongue to provide:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burning
  • Carbohydrate blocking
  • Metabolism/energy boosting

What this Means

In simple terms, if the drops do what is claimed for them they will help consumers eat less food, prevent excess carbohydrates being stored as body fat, and help burn off existing body fat, while also providing a little extra energy that should reduce the likelihood of diet-induced lethargy. That’s the promises. Now let’s take a look at the ingredients that are supposed to make all of this possible.

Activ8 X Ingredients

  • Capsicum:  A proven metabolism booster that can help the body burn calories up to 12 times faster than normal.
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG):  Famed for its metabolism-boosting and fat-burning qualities. Also a good provider of antioxidants.
  • Chromium: Supporting ingredient that helps regulate insulin and balance blood sugar; key for weight control.
  • Grapefruit Powder:  May have appetite suppressing potential, but generally associated with detoxification.
  • Pyruvate:  Used to ensure smooth conversion of starch and sugar into energy.
  • Garcinia:  A Dr. Oz show favorite, helps with appetite suppression and reduction of carb conversion to fat.
  • Grape Seed Extract:  Included as a fat burner.
  • African Mango: The average weight associated with African Mango is 28 lbs. in 10 weeks.
  • Panax Ginseng: A Chinese herb that may offer carb blocking potential.
  • Beta-alanine: A performance-enhancing non-essential amino acid.

Pricing and Purchasing Options

Supplies of Activ8 X can only be purchased from the Activ8 X website. A bottle of drops costs £49.99 and should last a month. Shipping is always free, but many customers may consider £49.99 expensive for such a little bottle of drops.

If so they are right, but if the drops produce the promised results the value for money will far exceed the cost, so pricing should not be the deciding factor and potential customers should be aware that purchases of two or more bottles will secure a reduction of around £10 per bottle.

Is there a Guarantee

Customers are provided with a 200 day money back guarantee.

Customer Feedback

The product website contains an abundance of customer feedback. All testimonials are monitored by a third-party verification service, and nobody appears to have a bad word to say about the product.

The following two statements seem to sum up the consensus of opinion:

“I got Activ8 x because I needed to lose just under a stone. It wasn’t a heavy chore to take the product; it became part of my routine and didn’t involve any massive changes to my lifestyle. I was very happy with the product and after 4 weeks I managed to lose just under a stone. I’ve already told my friends about Activ8 X”

“After using other diet pill supplements with no results, I had almost given up on supplements as a whole. I came across Activ8 X and thought I would give it a try. I completed a month’s course of Activ8 X and managed to lose 9lbs. I am really happy with the results and would definitely recommend Activ8 X to friends and family.”

Side effects and Other Considerations

Activ8 X is suitable for vegetarian use, but is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers. The manufacturer states people with any form of medical condition should consult their GP before commencing supplementation.

Is It Recommended?

Activ8 X is perhaps a little more expensive than some products, and the manufacturers may have exaggerated a few points, but their chosen ingredients should deliver the sort of results promised and the presence of such a long guarantee period ensures customers have nothing to lose by buying and trying Activ8 X.

Judging by the existing response to the product it seems unlikely that the manufacturers will have to honor their guarantee, but any company offering a 200 day guarantee has got to be pretty confident it won’t be required.

This one hits all the right buttons with us so Activ8 X is an approved weight loss product.

Where Do I Get Some?

Activ8 X weight lossThe best and only place to get Activ8 X Diet Drops is from the official website.

There is a whopping 200 day guarantee and the product can be delivered all over the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, the rest of Europe, Canada and Australia.

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