Adipodex from Nutrex Research

Adipodex with AMP CitrateProduct Name? – Adipodex
Who Makes It? – Nutrex Research
What Is It? – Thermogenic Fat-Burner, nootropic stimulant
Basic Function? – Increases core temp to burn fat
Recommended? – One ingredient in particular is cause for concern. We’d advise caution.
Alternatives? – We look for the most effective and safe fat-burners on the market. Follow the link below to read more about them.

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Nutrex Research is a supplement manufacturer based in Florida. They have an online shop and a presence on the shelves of many high street supplement stores. Their products now regularly appear in bodybuilding, muscle building and men’s health magazines.

Adipodex is what they currently describe as their ’Super Thermogenic’. There are a few products in the Nutrex line aimed at weight loss, and we will no doubt cover them all at some point. A super thermogenic seemed like a good place to start.

Editor’s Thoughts

I wouldn’t want to go into every workout wondering – ‘if I push it, am I going to wind up on the floor with heart complications?’ – I think DMAA was taken off the shelves for good reason, and the word is that AMP Citrate or DMBA (whatever you want to call it) isn’t all that different.

There are safer, better options than this. Click any of the links on this page to see them.

Adipodex Overview

The current fashion amongst the big name makers is to release thermogenic fat-burning products in a one-pill-per-day form, and Adipodex follows the trend. It sounds really convenient to only have to take one pill a day, however, remember a lot of pill ‘real-estate’ is sacrificed in doing this. The included ingredients have to be extremely powerful to make up for the smaller dosage.

Some of the best fat-burners we know of have 4 pills (or even more) in their daily dose. In our experience, it’s the only logical way to get the right quantity of efficacious ingredients. Despite this, Nutrex claim this product combines thermogenic fat-burning with a very intense sense of ‘clean energy and laser focus.’ Okay, let’s see how it does this.

Key Ingredients in the Recipe

Looking at the bottle label, Adipodex is aiming to deliver its super thermogenic behaviour with 720mg of a proprietary blend.

A Note On Proprietary Blends: Companies use a proprietary blend for different reasons. Whatever their purpose, a way to read them is that the list of ingredients still has to come in descending order of quantity. Keeping this in mind you can gauge how much weight of each component is in there. In Adipodex’s case Caffeine is the first on the list and Bioperine is the last, making them the largest and smallest respectively.

  • Caffeine: A must in any thermogenic supplement worth it’s weight. Caffeine is thermogenic (raises core temperature to use more fat as energy). It’s also an energy stimulant and helps you focus.
  • 2-Amino-Methylpentane Citrate: Very powerful psychostimulatory  Also known as AMP Citrate, this ingredient is causing some controversy at the moment. It follows closely on the heels of the recently banned DMAA (dimethylamylamine) which has been associated with some fairly dangerous side effects. AMP Citrate may go the way of DMAA and be banned also. Until then, companies will continue to manufacture it at light speed.
Caution: As part of a proprietary blend, the exact quantity of AMP Citrate’s inclusion is unknown. We would certainly advise caution if you are stepping into the unknown with powerful stimulants. It is too much of an unknown at the moment, but based on occurrences linked with it’s closest predecessor, DMAA, the risks might outweigh the reward.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: A regular in fat-burners, it’s also a nootropic which means it helps focus and cognitive abilities.
  • Theobromine: found in chocolate, it can act as a vasodilator (widening blood vessels for increased oxygen and nutrient transport to muscles) and can be viewed as synergistic with caffeine’s actions.
  • Yohimbine: can be a powerful stimulant which increases heart rate and is a known fat-burner, particularly targeting stubborn fat in areas like love-handles and the belly. There are some reports that it elevates anxiety levels in people as well.
  • Bioperine: black pepper essentially. Aids with the absorption and bioavailability of the other ingredients.

Pros and Cons

Positive: Adipodex contains some real heavy-hitters. Fat-burning, cognitive stimulation and energy are all in there. It might actually be a false-positive in a way though because we don’t believe enough is known about how the ingredients will interact with each other. This is in part due to the proprietary nature of the blend. The whole dose is reasonably small though, so Nutrex might be wisely erring on the side of caution themselves.

Negatives: One or two of the ingredients would be a health concern on their own let alone in combination with other powerful stimulants. The exact inclusion weights (dosages) are unknown and it’s arguably a pricey risk to take at that. It’s a difficult one to call, but we wouldn’t take it. Fair warning.

Pricing and Availability

A bottle currently goes for $50 on the Nutrex website. There are buy 2 get 1 free deals and the bodybuilding website and many high street stores are likely to have it.

Due to the ingredient profile, it might not be available for too much longer with the current recipe. It’s also unlikely you’ll get hold of it in more conservative countries that have strict regulations on their ingredients.

Usage Directions

Nutrex advise you to take one capsule a day in the morning. There is a big health warning on the bottle label as well. People under 21 should not use it. Pregnant or nursing mothers should not use it. Never take more than the one pill a day. Don’t consume any of the ingredients in other forms etc. etc.

Perhaps read the label on the website before you make a decision.

Side Effects and Health Considerations

Again, we’d think really hard before taking something with the ingredients this has. The large supplement manufacturers tend to do this; include cutting-edge ingredients that have limited information about their effects.

The counter argument to this is that this ingredient is found in a type of tea that people have been consuming for thousands of years. Take from that what you will.

Taken as part of a blend with even more stimulants, it’s even more of a concern, especially when it’s usually taken prior to intense exercise.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Phentaslim directAt our HQ, we’re really into finding the best fat-burners and that means the best all-round fat-burners. We’ve found some of the most potent and effective products on the market, but they’re also safe.

Excuse us if we are wrong, but part of getting rid of unwanted fat is to be a specimen of health. So, don’t risk your health with edgy, un-vetted ingredients.

There are some excellent products for you to choose from. Take a look at the summary of the fat-burners we know are the business, just follow the link below.

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