Our Top Fat Burners

man woman muscleWe have compiled a list of what we consider to the best fat burning products on the open market.

The following products are non-gender specific meaning that they are suitable for both men and women.

Whether you are looking to achieve a more defined muscular body or simply shed stubborn body fat these products are for you.

All products can be bought either direct from the manufacturer or from a reputable stockists.

These products also appeal to countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. Although the official website may look as though there is a bias to one country shipping is worldwide and seamless.

Instant Knockout – Body Fat Burner 

If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete buy this product – suitable for male and female

Instant KnockoutInstant Knockout is just about the best formulation we have reviewed. Seriously look at the ingredients, look at the inclusion rates and compare it to what else is on the market.

We get sent dozens of products to test and review on a monthly basis, we could virtually list any product as our top pick, but we choose Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout has been formulated properly, it has been developed for users that need to burn body fat after bulking cycles such as body builders and exponents of martial arts.

When you use Instant Knockout you can feel it working – our resident Iron man tells us that after a few weeks use you wont go back to your existing supplement.

The guarantee is a no brainer – use it for 3 months and if you don’t notice a different you get a refund.

Read Full Review |  Visit Instant KnockOut website

Muscletronic iGPC – Muscle Definiton, Decreased Fat, Sharper Mind

If you are looking for a ‘one-for-all’ then this is the product for you.

MuscletronicMuscletronic contains an excellent blend of powerful ingredients which work in concert with one another to help you lose fat, gain muscle and feel more focused and driven during work, exercise and free time.

The formula’s inclusions have two or three of these effects each, making the supplement a complete stack in its own right. There aren’t many capsule products with the spectrum of benefits Muscletronic offers.

So rather than paying out for a separate fat burner and muscle builder, and even a nootropic on top, we believe you will be more than happy with ONE purchase of Muscletronic.

The product can be shipped worldwide and delivery charges start at zero. The individual bottles are a little more expensive than an average supplement, but considering what you get for that, it’s worth it. Also, there are special offers in place for when you buy more than one bottle at a time.

Read Full Review | Visit Muscletronic iGPC website

Phentaslim – Well Priced Quality Fat-Burner

If you are male or female and want to quickly burn body fat but not a bodybuilder or athlete buy this product

Phentaslim fat Burner reviewPremium fat-burners often come with premium prices but Phentaslim stands out for being quality and affordable. The recipe is outstanding and the special offers they have on it makes us want to hoard 6 months worth at a time.

Who knows why someone will pay so much for some of the supplement store brands when they generally contain weaker ingredients anyway. Skip the middle man (the high street store) who is ratcheting up the prices for huge profits and go direct to Phentaslim.

You’ll be very surprised at how much you can save when you buy 3 bottles of the stuff. Follow the links below to either read our full review or go direct to the product page

Read Full Review | Visit Phentaslim Site

ThermaKor – BEST NEWCOMER – Potent, Potent Blend

Thermakor 1Thermakor made our elite list for clear and simple reasons. It is one of the strongest, cleanest and most effective fat-burning supplements available without prescription. The recipe contains some safe cousin compounds of the most potent adrenergic amines in the natural world.

The supplement is available for as little as $39 (about £26) per month which makes it about average cost in its category. It is however of higher caliber than most products within its price range.

Manufactured in the USA, shipping is available to most countries and destinations, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe.

Follow our link to the site and you can get an EXTRA 10% OFF your order with the Coupon CodeFATBURNERSFORABS. Just type it in when you come to the purchase page.

Read Full Review | Visit THERMAKOR website

Superfruit Slim – Potent Power and Low Price

SFS Unleashing the power of Superfruits that are in Superfruit Slim will give you the duel effect of fat-burning and antioxidant protection. Not only that but the concentrations of inclusions make it very effective.

If you are ever concerned about the ingredients of supplements then Superfruit Slim should help reassure you. The formula is made from only the finest and cleanest naturally sourced ingredients.

From the high potency of the ingredients to the extremely competitive pricing, Superfruit Slim has to be in the Top 5 choices for anyone, male or female.

Read Full Review | Visit Superfruit Slim Website

Phen375 – Pharmacy Grade Fat Burner

If you require a strong appetite suppressant that can also burn fat buy this product – male or female

Phentemine Weight LossThis is an international best-seller which gained stardom from being a natural and safe alternative to the renowned drug Phentermine. It differs from many of its competitors in that it uses more of our body’s fat burning mechanisms via ingredients included to maximize results.

Suppressing appetite simultaneously with burning fat enzymatically, metabolically and vie thermogenesis, Phen375 is an extremely well rounded weight loss supplement.

Additionally to losing approximately 3 to 5 pounds per week, there won’t be the usual side effects associated with the stimulants that so many second rate manufacturers cram into their diet pills. Current special offers include a Free Bottle of Phen375 when you purchase three. Don’t miss out. Start shedding the pounds today.

Read Full Review | Visit Phen375 Website

Hiprolean X-S – Fast Strong Fat-Burner

A good all round fat burner that will not cause the jitters

Hiprolean diet supplement

Evolution Slimming have released a beast of a fat burner here. Hiprolean X-S is another all-rounder though as it suppresses appetite and provides an energy boost unlike many other similar products.

It employs a blend of well balanced ingredients intended to act quickly and powerfully enough for you to feel it in action. That’s not a bad thing either – motivation is one of the biggest limiting factors when it comes to losing unwanted fat. The tangible energy lift and quick results will see you standing in front of the mirror a lot and wondering what the following week will bring.

The chances of side effects are slim; a few people have experienced a bit of a jittery buzz during the first couple of days of use but afterwards, it’s plain sailing. The ingredients are all natural and the capsules are manufactured to the best standards.

Special offers run on multi-bottle purchases so grab 3 and get started on Hiprolean X-S. Follow the links below if you want to visit the site or read our full review.

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