Body and Mind (part 3): Alpha Brain

Onnit alpha brainAlpha Brain is possibly the best selling stand-alone nootropic supplement on the market at the moment. Manufactured by the company Onnit, who strive to develop sustainably sourced natural products, Alpha Brain is their flagship amongst many other supplements and items of fitness equipment.

‘Total Human Optimization’ is the company’s motto. Given that optimal human performance begins and ends with the efficiency of the brain, Alpha Brain is definitely a strong base from which to support the whole product range.

Hopefully you have read Part 1 and 2 articles leading to this review. If not, however, we’ll just have a brief overview of what nootropic supplements are and what they can do for you.

Alpha Brain Clinical Trial

Nootropic benefitsIn December 2014 the results of the Alpha Brain clinical trial emerged having been-conducted by an independent third party research organization.

Alpha Brain was found to significantly improve cognitive function in healthy adults.

Positive results from clinical trials like this are gold dust. Let’s just hope Alpha Brain stays at its current price after this ego boost.

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Nootropics In A Nutshell

enhanced cognitionThe chief purpose of taking a nootropic is to improve cognitive function. The benefits of doing this are numerous, again considering the absolute central role of the human brain. When you wonder what nootropics can do for you, think in terms of:

  • Improved memory
  • Quicker decision making
  • Faster muscle contractions – aka mind-muscle connection
  • Heightened energy and fat-burning
  • Sharper concentration and focus
  • Stronger drive and motivation

Nootropic ingredients come in many forms, both natural and synthesized. By interacting with several different mechanisms within our bodies, the ingredients can be combined to form a highly synergistic formula. Those mechanisms are as follows:

  • Synaptic transmission: some compounds improve the rate of neural firing
  • Cholinergics: these raise the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine for improved memory and muscle contraction
  • Nerve Growth Stimulators: help add physical pathways for neurotransmission
  • Cerebral Vasodilators: increase blood, oxygen and nutrients to brain
  • Xanthines and Stimulants: stimulate focus, drive and provide mental energy

Alpha Brain – The Tailor Made Nootropic

By combining several ingredients at effective dosages, Alpha Brain is one of the most successful nootropic supplements. The following compounds have been included in the formula.


Alpha Brain ingredientsThe components of Alpha Brain are detailed within separate mini-blends that provide their benefits via the varying actions described above.

The Onnit Flow: L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Avena Sativa and Phosphatidylserine

Each ingredient works with the others in the Flow blend. Alertness and energy are boosted while the edginess of stimulation is smoothed away.

AC-11: Uncaria Tomentosa

The extract of a plant found in South America which may help repair DNA, and is currently only available in Alpha Brain

Focus Blend: Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monniera, Huperzia serrata

Alpha GPC, Huperzia serrata and Bacopa Monniera (or Monnieri) are fundamental to this entire supplement. They are arguably three of the most effective and sought after ingredients available for both neurotransmitter production and working memory enhancement.

fit girlFuel Blend: Vinpocetine, Pterostilbene

Vinpocetine is the vasodilator, increasing blood flow and in turn oxygen to the brain, as well as shuttling the other ingredients through.

Pterostilbene is showing some extremely exciting results, as though it may be a super-resveratrol. It can help with new neuron growth and fights free radicals.

Vitamin B6

This rounds off the whole formula by providing the base vitamin that is mandatory for maintenance of neurotransmission amongst countless other benefits.

Who Should Use Alpha Brain?

Nootropics for allWith many dietary products, especially training supplements or fat-burners, they are valuable to specific groups of people. Alpha Brain and other nootropics don’t really have that limitation.

Someone with a career in science or engineering is just as likely to benefit from Alpha Brain as a Bodybuilder or a Cyclist. Computer programmers, post-grad students and chess players will appreciate the beneficial effects just like photographers and ballet dancers. There really is no niche crowd, which is excellent.

People might be more interested in particular aspects of the supplement compared to others, but that seems to be the reason Onnit have hit a home run here. It’s in their motto: Total Human Optiization.

Alpha Brain is for everyone…end of story!

Note: Of course, the precautions and usage instructions on the bottle must be followed. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid any supplements until their doctor has cleared their use, as should people who are currently on medication or that have pre-existing medical conditions.

alpha brain dreamAdditional Benefits

A pleasant side effect of Alpha Brain is the lucid dreaming, i.e. the REM sleep dreams where you know that you are in a dream and can sometimes control the fantastical events that take place.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is essential for clearing the brain of garbage and restoring order and feelings of rested vitality.

As side effects go, it’s not a bad one!!

Purchasing Options

Nootropic SupplementAlpha Brain is available from the official website. You can follow the link below to go there. We advise you purchase from the website to ensure you are getting the genuine product.

While you are on the website, take a look around. They have some really interesting products that may add a new element to your active life and career.

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