Glucomannan – Effective Weight Loss Fibre

Glucomannan in KonjacYou probably already think of fibre as one of the healthiest things to consume. It’s good for the heart, it lowers bad cholesterol, helps regulate blood sugar and gives you robust, easy going morning number 2s. You may even loosely associate it with weight loss in some way. After all, fibre does all of that stuff I just mentioned, and that has to translate to shedding some fat somewhere along the line.

It does, but I want to talk about a specific type of fibre that might help you lose fat in a healthy way, and much more quickly.

Glucomannan is considered a dietary fibre and is found in the cell walls of certain plant species. One very good source is the root of the Konjac plant – a funny looking phallic shaped plant found in eastern sub-tropical and tropical climates – which has roots that contain 40% glucomannan by weight.

This soluble fibre forms a thick mass when it comes into contact with water and can swell to 200 times its original dry-weight size.

How Does This Help You Lose Weight?

fat On this site we talk about active weight loss ingredients most of the time, like thermogenic fat-burners, hence the name FatBurnersForAbs. However, there are ingredients like Glucomannan which can help you to lose weight by taking a more passive approach. In fact, the combination of Glucomannan and other dynamic fat burners is likely to get even better results. More on that later.

In the context of weight loss, Glucomannan acts as an appetite suppressant. Instead of there being a chemical reaction, like there is with other ingredients, Glucomannan simply swells up in your stomach and forms a comfortable mass which makes you feel full.

Only 500mg of the stuff is needed, which can easily fit into a capsule or two with room to spare for other ingredients.

It may sound obvious, but overeating is the primary cause of weight gain and obesity. Because of that, he reduction of calories making it into your system by controlling your appetite is possibly the healthiest and fastest where to reduce fat stores. In many ways, it’s much easier than burning off calories, because they aren’t there in the first place!!

Exercise and fat-burning on top of appetite suppression is when the serious body transformation starts happening. Then you get muscle tone showing through.

The Perfect Solution

Instant Knockout direct from websiteSome product manufacturers see the potential in combining ingredients to form a powerful blend of fat-burners. The combination of an appetite suppressor like Glucomannan and thermogenic fat-burners is another level again.

We found this and more in the product Instant Knockout. It contains 500mg of Glucomannan as well as effective dosages of several of the top fat-reducing ingredients.

Used by professionals in sports like boxing and mixed martial arts, where making the weight category can mean everything, this product is our most recommended combined fat burner and appetite suppressant.

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How Should I Take Glucomannan?

waterDue to the swell factor, Glucomannan should be taken with two large glasses of water, as that will ultimately be what it absorbs.

Taking it in capsule form is also important as it ensures the fibre will get to your stomach rather than deciding to swell up anywhere else.

Therefore, always take it with lots of water, and always encased in capsule/pill form.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

Side effects only happen with compounds that react with the body’s system. Glucomannan is an inert fibre which passes through you and leaves nothing behind. So, no, in short. There should be no side effects.

Actually, there are other benefits, rather than negatives.

What Other Benefits Does Glucomannan Have?

The appetite suppression is the most impactful effect for weight loss, but there are other health – and fat loss – positives associated with it:

  • Lowers LDL Cholesterol
  • Helps control Type 2 Diabetes
  • Reduces Acne
  • Eases Constipation

Not bad for something that sits there and does relatively little other than swell up.

What are the Best Products with Glucomannan?

There a supplements which will contain Glucomannan as the only inclusion, and there are Instant Knockout high strength cutting fat burnerothers which cram lots of other ingredients in there with it. For the simple fact that the price difference between these types of product is usually very small, more is better in my opinion.

We’ve reviewed what is possibly the best supplement available which does just this. It contains the recommended 500mg of Glucomannan as well as a collection of powerful fat burners, carb blockers, energizers, antioxidants and vitamins.

The product is called Instant Knockout. It looks as tough as it sounds and it is very effective at reducing fat, based on our experience and many others. Follow the link below to read the full review.

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Boots Appetite Control Review

Boots Appetite suppressionProduct Name? – Appetite Control
Who Makes It? – Boots
What Is It? – Appetite Suppressant
Basic Function? – Makes you feel fuller
Recommended? – We like the one ingredient but there are products with that and more
Alternatives? – Instant Knockout has the same ingredient and dosage but also has many more fat-burning inclusions to further help you lose weight!

Read our full review of the Instant Knockout

Hungry dietingAn important part of any fat loss plan is appetite control, which can include appetite suppression.

Will power alone is sometimes not strong enough to help you resist the cravings for something ‘bad’ when you are on a calorie deficit.

Of course, there are products – dietary supplements in this case – which have been developed to help the would-be dieter to curb their hunger, particularly for food which is counterproductive to the slimming cause.

Boots Appetite Control is one such product.

Boots Appetite Control and How It Works

GlucomannanWith Boots weight loss products, they go for a simple approach. Each one tends to act on one fat loss or fat burning mechanism and that’s your lot. Appetite Control is no different because, as the name suggests, it has been made to control your appetite and little else.

Appetite suppression/control is nevertheless one of the most important aspects of losing weight. Exercise is important, as is eating the right things, but much of it comes down to calories in versus calories out. Losing weight means taking on less than you utilize for energy. With appetite suppression, the calories never make it to your system in the first place.

So, how does Boots Appetite Control go about this? – solely with the use of a fibre which absorbs liquid in the stomach (namely water) and swells to form a comfortable mass which makes you the user feel as if you are full and satisfied. As it adds zero calorific value then you are feeling full from nothing essentially.

Now, Boots don’t actually say the ingredient exactly but it is without much of a doubt – glucomannan, aka Konjac root.


As stated above the ingredient included in Boots Appetite Control is glucomannan. There is 500mg per serving.

Does It Work?

Glucomannan – or Konjac root – is a very effective appetite controller in our opinion. What’s more, 500mg doses have been shown to be successful. The key is to take it at the right time, i.e. before meals, and with a good 2 large glasses of water each time.

We feel the main problem with this product is that they could have done so much more with it. 500mg fits in the capsules with room to spare so why not add a bunch of fat-burning ingredients and energy booster on top of it: the product Instant Knockout is the perfect example of this.

Instant Knockout direct from websiteWith 500mg of Glucomannan it easily matches the appetite suppression of Boots Appetite Control, but then it adds 4 times that amount in other ingredients like Green Coffee, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine and so on. It even has the B vitamin support.

Instant Knockout bottles might look a bit odd with the fist-shaped bottle but does it ever get the job done in our opinion!!!!

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Usage Guidelines

Two capsules should be taken, with 2 large glasses of water, one hour before each main meal. Never take more than 6 in any 24 hour period. After 30 days of continuous usage, take a break from it for 4 days. This information is paraphrased from Boots’ own site.

Boots recommend their Appetite Control tablets be used alongside an A-Z multivitamin and mineral product as it may interfere with normal nutrient absorption. Presumably this means the fibre can soak some of that up and lock it in before the body absorbs it. Not a big problem though as a multi-vitamin widely recommended anyway.

Is Boots Appetite Control Recommended?

We like Glucomannan/Konjac and we like 500mg of it. However, there is a product which includes this and so much more.

Instant Knockout is our recommended alternative product, and by a country mile. Click on the link in the previous section to read the full Instant Knockout review.

Forskolin125 – Proven Natural Weight Loss

Coleus Forskohlii diet pills Coleus forskohlii has been used historically as a medicine for several ailments related to the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems. More recently, this cousin of the mint family has garnered much attention due to it’s main bioactive ingredient’s association with fat loss.

The technical name for that ingredient is 7beta-acetoxy-1alpha,6beta,9alpha-trihydroxy-8,13-epoxy-labd-14-en-11-one. But that can be a little difficult to say, let alone fit on a supplement bottle, so there’s another, more common name we use: Forskolin.

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How Does Forskolin125 Work for Fat Loss?

Forskolin works by increasing the levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), an enzyme in our cells. In turn, cAMP can induce lipolysis (fat burning) when it reaches a certain concentration. Evolution Slimming, the company that manufactures Forskolin125, informs us that the experts in weight loss say 125 mg of Forskolin is the most efficient concentration for fat burning.

Forskolin125 comes in bottles of 30 capsules. One capsule should be taken daily with breakfast for optimum results.

Are there any Other Benefits?

Forskolin is largely known for it’s fat burning properties but scientific studies has unveiled a potential wealth of benefits that should not be overlooked:

  • Less Fatigue
  • Testosterone increase (in men)
  • Increased Bone Mineral Density
  • Increased Lean Mass
  • Increased HDL-C levels (the good cholesterol)

We’re not in the business of making wild medical claims but the above information came from our research into this exciting herb. When looking for supplements to fulfill an objective like fat burning, don’t forget about these possible fringe benefits that come with the package.

How can I get the Most from Forskolin125?

Best Diet Pill resultsResearch shows that the fat burning processes induced by the elevation of cAMP are amplified further by exercise-induced adrenaline secretion. Also, a healthy diet is always going to improve your body composition no matter what.

So to really get yourself into the fat-burning gear, we’d suggest you stack your daily Forskolin125 supplementation with a good exercise program and sensible diet.

That fact about exercise is particularly interesting there. It’s obvious that exercise helps us to lose weight but in this case Forskolin’s fat burning activity is directly increased by the chemicals we release during our training session.

Basically, you burn fat by using Forskolin125, you burn fat by exercising and you burn still more fat because you are doing both of those things.

 When you work out, Forskolin125 is like the sizzling turbo-drive that you’ve connected to your fat-burning engine

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Why Forskolin125 from Evolution Slimming?

Evolution Slimming Diet PlanSometimes, it’s the supplement company that makes the difference between buying one supplement or another. We found Evolution Slimming to be an open and honest retailer with excellent customer care.

Also, their website is packed with information detailing their various products, reviews, articles, diet plans and much more. When you purchase from Evolution Slimming it appears you are getting a whole lot more than the product itself.

When you buy Forskolin125 from Evolution Slimming, you may benefit from:

  • Telephone, email or real-time online chat support
  • Free guaranteed delivery to UK customers
  • FDA approved facilities
  • A full month’s supply with each 30 capsule bottle
  • Free downloadable diet plan
  • Lots of genuine customer feedback
  • Press feedback

100% natural Forskolin supplementIs it Safe to Use?

Forskolin125 is a 100% natural product – it’s actually a herb related to the mint family. As a fat burner, it is caffeine and stimulant free so there will not be any of the usual side effects associated with stimulant-heavy thermogenic fat burners.

Evolution Slimming do advise that pregnant and nursing mothers, people under the age of 18 and those with any known medical condition should consult with their doctor before using this product.

Is Forskolin125 Recommended?

The beauty about products like Forskolin125 is that they recommend themselves. There is a lot of excitement about this natural supplement and what benefits it will demonstrate next.

Forskolin’s fat burning properties are already proven and Evolution Slimming are at the forefront of their game in producing such a pure and quality weight loss supplement.

Where Can I Purchase Forkolin125?

You can follow the link below and you will be taken straight to the Evolution Slimming website. You will see Evolution Slimming Forskolin 3 packspecial offers and multi-buy discounts.

Of particular note as the 3 Pack of Forskolin125 because the price of 3 bottles (3 months of supplement) costs a fraction more than the price of two individual bottles.

Forskolin125 can be shipped to Anywhere in the World except South Africa.

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