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    • Hi there Adrian. You’re probably after the toughest goal there mate, but it’s indeed possible. I’ll get to the product in a bit but I’ll give you my take first.

      Personally I think it’s harder to try and Bulk up and Cut fat simultaneously than to alternate mini-cycles of Bulk and Cut. I like 3 months of Bulking followed by 2 months Cutting at the moment and it seems to work. So get your diet right for the Bulk cycle (lean meats, carbs, healthy fats) and do predominantly size-strength work. You still need cardio during bulking to stay healthy and in control of your weight. Then during the cut cycle you need to do more cardio and watch the calories. Don’t neglect strength work though. Some low rep count, high weight stuff during cutting is great.

      If you’re young then bulking up shouldn’t take much more than eating right and working out. For cutting you can take a look at our Top Fat Burners. Instant Knockout is a great cut-cycle product. Thanks mate and good luck. Come back in a couple of months and let us know what you’re up to.

  1. hello
    just bought the sst and do not know how it will go yet.I want to loose 5-8 lbs fast. I eat right and exercise everyday but stubborn 5 lbs will not disappear. I need something that works…Everything i buy from GNC does not work. Would you recommend the Phen or the Hyprolean most? thanks

    • Hi Judy, sorry for the delay there. If you live in the States then I’d go for the Phen out of the two (click here – for the improved US recipe). Let me know if you live elsewhere and I’ll adapt my suggestion.

      I wouldn’t use two similar supplements like Performix and Phen together though. Make sure you are finished with one before starting the other. Thanks for checking in Judy, hope this helps.

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