Hiprolean X-S – Is it the Fastest and Strongest Fat Burner?

Hiprolean diet supplementWho makes it? – Evolution Slimming
What is it? – Strong fat burning supplement, appetite suppressant, energy booster
Basic function? – Burns fat thermogenically, stimulates energy and stops us snacking
Recommended? – Yes, it’s in our Top 3 for sure
Where is it available? – Exclusively available from the Evolution Slimming site. Worldwide shipping.

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Hiprolean XS Review

hiprolean-xs-bottleFor the more determined amongst us, Evolution Slimming has developed the fast acting and powerful fat burner – Hiprolean X-S. Actually, they describe it as the most powerful and fastest acting formula available in their repertoire.

Evolution Slimming has always offered a line of products that contains something for everybody to able them achieve their targets. People are almost always suited to different ingredients and their body will respond slightly differently to each one. It’s about finding the fat burner or weight loss supplement that works for the individual.

Hiprolean X-S has a bit more of an intensity to its ingredient make-up and indeed its appearance as a product.

Touted as the fastest and strongest formula, with the flame covered label and the race-car-red pills, Hiprolean X-S does not look like it’s messing around.

Let’s have a crack at it ourselves.

What Is Hiprolean X-S?

hiprolean-xs strong fat burnerSo, we’ve covered the part about this being the most potent, powerful, fast acting formula that Evolution Slimming have manufactured. But what is it?

  • a thermogenic fat-burner?
  • an appetite suppressant?
  • an energy booster?

The answer is – All Three. While the main goal of Hiprolean X-S is to help you shed unwanted fat directly through thermogenesis (heat and metabolism boost to burn fat) there are secondary, less direct, approaches it takes to combat the same problem.

The appetite suppressants are there to stop that idle snacking we are all guilty of. So, no more of those unneeded calories that we take on due to boredom, routine, habit – you name it.

A boost in energy is the other key driver. If we have more get-up-and-go, the couch becomes less attractive and the cross fit, spin class, run in the park, cycle in the countryside or whatever else you can think of will start to take precedence.

What’s in it?

The company says the X-S stands for Extra Strength, and they’re not kidding with what they’ve whipped up and packed inside the capsules of Hiprolean X-S:

  • Caffeine – Let’s not mince words, it wouldn’t be a thermogenic fat-burner without Caffeine in the mix. And a good dose of it there is, too. Caffeine is one of the most tested and proven fat burning ingredients, not to mention its mental focus and performance enhancing properties.
  • Green Tea Extract – Catechins are the active ingredient for fat-burning in green tea, and potent ones at that. GTE is also a powerful anti-oxidant – eliminating free-radicals that can harm our organs. Not stopping there, it gives us a healthy energy boost as a bonus.
  • Siberian Ginseng – OK, it’s a good idea to throw in some non-stimulant energy boosting for good measure. Well, enter Siberian Ginseng. It does just that, balancing you out and keeping those jitters at bay.
  • Bladderwrack – If it sounds like some painful 16th century ailment, the treatment of which was some equally, if not more painful amputation of some kind – Fear not, for Bladderwrack is a form of brown seaweed which primarily regulates our thyroid to fight fat storage. It’s also being investigated for its potential anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic and anti-viral behaviour.
  • Raspberry Ketones – This fat burning compound comes from one of our favourite fruits. Another natural ingredient for this natural supplement.
  • Vitamin B6 and B12 – We can’t get these essential vitamins from anywhere but an external source. It’s a good idea to include them in a fat-burner because they assist in so many direct and peripheral systems including the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, mental focus and general energy levels.

What are the Benefits?

Weight loss with Hiprolean X-SHiprolean X-S has been developed to give the person taking it a sense of it working. The fastest and most-powerful fat burner on the line is not going to go unnoticed. The desired effect is for you to feel the energy boost and definitely to start experiencing the results quickly – some customers have reported shedding several pounds in their first week.

This product is for anyone really – men and women included. The people who will notice the greatest difference are those who have been sedentary, perhaps overweight and looking for something to really kick them into gear.

The main benefit will be the result, but don’t forget it’s:

  • A rapid and powerful fat-burner
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Fast acting – you should feel the boost within a half hour
  • An appetite suppressant – to stop the unnecessary snacking

Hiprolean X-S is available from the Evolution website. You will save more, the more you buy.

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Are there any guidelines, side effects or negatives?

Fast and Strong Fat BurnerEvolution Slimming advise that Hiprolean X-S is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to the gelatine shell of the capsules. Also pregnant or nursing mothers, people under 18 and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a doctor prior to use.

There are usually two distinct reactions from people during the first few days of taking a supplement with caffeine in it. One camp feels the caffeine quite sharply and may even experience mild side effects like the jitters. This is normal for people who do not usually consume caffeine.

Hiprolean X-S should be taken with a large glass of water – 1 capsule before breakfast and 1 capsule before lunch.

The other camp is the habitual caffeine consumers. They don’t feel the caffeine boost as much and wonder how effective the product is. In our experience, it’s best to cycle off the coffee drinking and consider the supplement your new quick. The energy will be cleaner because it doesn’t contain the other, non-helpful ingredients that coffee does. Also the dose is more reliable and you will be less prone to the classic ‘crash’ that comes with coffee.

That’s it – no negatives, just a bit of advice.

Is Hiprolean X-S recommended?

With the fast delivery from Evolution Slimming to speed things up, you can go from clicking the online purchase to losing weight within a week. That’s pretty impressive.

Hiprolean X-S is definitely for results driven people. Maybe you have tried other fat-burners and looking for something a bit more powerful. Perhaps its your first crack at the whip and you just want to attack it on all fronts. You might need fast results to slim down for an occasion.

Whatever your reason, you won’t be disappointed with Hiprolean X-S.

Another word of advice: don’t let the energy boost go to waste. If you don’t already exercise, make sure you start. The results will be even faster and the muscles will start showing through in no time.

Customer reviews are mostly positive:

“I started these pills 5 days ago and already lost a pound a day…I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a kiosk start in their diet.”
“I lost nearly 12 pounds in the first couple of weeks of using Hiprolean X-S. I had a bit of jitteriness in the first two days but once I was over that, it was fine.”
“The energy boost I get from this stuff would be enough for me but I’m really noticing my muscles have taken a more cut look because my fat is receding I think.”

Where can I get some?

Hiprolean xs from Evolution SlimmingEvolution Slimming is the place, they have exclusive distribution rights and is available to anywhere in the world except South Africa.

There’s multi-buy deals and special offers to be taken advantage of at the moment so there is no better time to start transforming your body into the one you dream of with Hiprolean X-S.

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…and go from mouse-click to fat-burning in days.

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