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JetFuel Superburn from GATWho Makes It? – Muscle Tech
What Is It? – Thermogenic fat burner
Basic Function? – Burns calories, excess fat and provides energy boost
Recommended? – Cannot recommend considering the competing brands available
Alternatives? – We recommend products based on strict criteria. View our best fat burner page.

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JetFuel Superburn Review

JetFuel Superburn is a thermogenic fat burner produced in the US by German American Technologies (GAT). The company has been producing bodybuilding supplements for over 15 years. This one is an updated version of one of their most popular products to date—JetFuel.

The main benefits promised for the blend are that it will:

  1. Maximize calorie burning, intensity and energy
  2. Break down body fat
  3. Enhance alertness
  4. Optimize absorption

GAT calls this their ‘4-Part Thermogenic System’ and further promise ‘highly intense, fast results’.

GAT JetFuel Superburn Pros & Cons at a Glance

The Pros 

  • Readily available
  • Credible manufacturer
  • Contains a few potentially good ingredients
  • Customer feedback is predominantly good
The Cons

  • No guarantee
  • Use of proprietary blends
  • Some users say the product does not work.
  • Some of the ingredients may cause side effects

Blend Power & Potential

The JetFuel Superburn formulation contains a few promising ingredients, but all ingredients used are hidden inside four proprietary blends, so gaining a true picture of the product potential is not possible.

The JetFuel Maximum Strength Thermogenic System (504mg) accounts for the biggest part of the formulation and is obviously intended to house the fat burning and energy-providing ingredients.

Capsicum Frutescens is a worthy inclusion because it is a known fat burner.

Some studies suggest evodia may also have fat burning potential, but its use can interfere with the blood’s clotting mechanism.

Olive leaf extract has an (unproven) reputation for assisting weight loss, but 1,3,7-Trimethyl is just caffeine so its primary power will be as a stimulant and it is worth noting the product packaging states each (3 capsule) dose of JetFuel Superburn contains 286 mg of caffeine. This is similar to two small cups of instant coffee, and should not present an issue for most people, but users who have low tolerances to caffeine may experience caffeine-related side effects such as headaches and nausea.

The Jetfuel Lipotytic Support System (255mg) contains several ingredients that contribute to the overall caffeine content and will no doubt help boost energy levels and enhance alertness, but catchecins (a component of green tea) are the only ingredient that stands out as having the potential to burn fat.

The final two blends make up a much smaller part of the whole and although the ingredients used are not without the potential to contribute to the promised results, their inclusion rate is probably too low to be effective.

Usage Instructions

New users should begin by taking a reduced dosage so that they can assess any tolerance issues.

Day 1:  One capsule should be taken with eight ounces of cold water, half an hour before breakfast. A second dose should be taken half an before lunch.

Day 2 onwards:  If no tolerance issues are evident supplementation can be increased to two to three capsules, taken twice a day, with eight ounces of water.

*The recommended dosage should not be exceeded and JetFuel Superburn should never be taken within six hours of bedtime.*

JetFuel Superburn Side Effects and Health Considerations

If GAT are aware of any side effects or other issues related to the use of the blend they fail to mention it, but some of the ingredients may prove problematic for some users so pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to err on the side of caution and consult their doctor before use. The same advice is offered to anyone who has any known or suspected health issues.

Jetfuel Superburn advert UK

JetFuel Superburn Customer Feedback

Independent feedback is available and shows a mixed response to the product, but the majority of users claim JetFuel Superburn supplementation was a positive experience.

A typical comment from an unsatisfied customer reads:

“I really did not feel any energy maybe just a little focus, I don’t know if the pills maybe where expired or what. Maybe it’s just my tolerance level for fat burners that has gone up but maybe if your low tolerance this can work for you but not for me.

While a comment from the other side of the fence states:

[/plain]“I’ve been using this product for a week now at the maximum recommended dose of 3 capsules twice per day and I can honestly say that there is not better product for weight loss on the market. Lasting energy with little crash and has me sweating much more during my cardio sessions.”[/plain]


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Where To Buy JetFuel Superburn

GAT JetFuel Superburn is available from many online stores and Amazon and eBay provide further purchasing options, but prices can vary considerably. JetFuel Superburn used to be quite an expensive product and a bottle of 120 capsules was hard to find for less than £30/$50.

Prices have since come down considerably, but at the time of this review at least one eBay seller had the capsules listed at a price in excess of £80/$130, so cautious buying is advised. Most suppliers charge between £12/$20 and £20/$30. The Amazon price is around £6/$11.

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