John Dodson Stays Lean with Instant Knockout

John Dodson

MMA Pro Fighter: John Dodson

When we said in our review that Instant Knockout is actually used by Pro MMA fighters, we weren’t kidding. John Dodson and Diego Sanchez gave testimonials recently because they use the product during their cut cycles to strip the fat and stay lean.

Mixed Martial Arts fighters like these men in the UFC, and also boxers, have strict weight ranges in which they must be otherwise they will not be allowed to fight. It’s really tough to get it just right because they have been building muscle for a long time and must drop below the weight limit exactly at the right time, in order be able to compete with their opponent.

Instant KnockoutDodson is fighting soon after the time of writing this article, so it’s very interesting to see one of the top fighters in MMA using a product we can all get hold of and use to achieve our weight loss and body composition goals.

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You Can Use What The Pros Use

It’s especially exciting to see when the fat-burner you are using is also used by the best sportsmen and athletes in the world. Instant Knockout was always designed for the Pro Fighting scene, which is pretty exceptional considering the particular emphasis on reducing fat quickly for the weigh-in day.

For cutting fat as quickly as possible in a safe and healthy way, we don’t think there’s many better products than Instant Knockout. John Dodson and Diego Sanchez seem to agree as well.

Fast Track to Fat Burning

Diego Sanchez

MMA Pro Fighter: Diego Sanchez

For a product to help you burn fat effectively, it has to support the same methods we use ourselves. To lose weight, we generally need to:

  • eat less
  • exercise more

That’s a pretty generic way of looking at it but it’s true. Taking on less calories than we expend during activity is really the only way to get rid of fat. The manufacturers of products like Instant Knockout know this, and design the formula accordingly.

Eating less is essentially appetite resistance. And exercise increases metabolic turnover and energy expenditure. Also, our mental focus and brain activity burns even more fat as energy.

Instant Knockout compliments these simple processes by bringing:

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Energy Increase
  • Cognitive Function Improvement

So really, the product is just helping you – and these MMA Fighters – to speed up the things you/they are doing already.

The combination of a Calorie Controlled Diet, Exercise and Instant Knockout Fat-Burner is the Fast-Track to Fat-Burning in our opinion.

What Is Your Inspiration?

Maybe you think of a particular athlete, team, fighter, extreme sports star or movie celebrity to inspire you to meet the weight loss and fitness goals you have. Or perhaps you need nothing but your own drive to succeed. If the latter is the case, then consider yourself a special person; you are probably going to be someone else’s inspiration one day.

Diego Sanchez

MMA Pro – Diego Sanchez

These two men we have highlighted in this article, along with many others we haven’t, are enough to inspire us. We have already used and recommended Instant Knockout as our fat-burner of choice, and it’s good to see it being put to the test by those who need something really powerful to get the job done.

Our Recommendation

Read the full review (link below) we have written for Instant Knockout and see what you think. From there you can link to the product page itself and purchase it if you wish. If you can use the link in our review to get there it would be much appreciated. The feedback we get helps us keep the site running and people writing for it.

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