Performix SST Review, Where To buy in the US, Canada, UK and Australia

Performix SSt tabletsWho Makes It? – Corr Jensen Labs
What Is It? – Thermogenic fat burner
Basic Function? – Helps increase metabolism
Recommended? – Honestly, the dosages just don’t look strong enough. The packaging looks really cool, but it’s a compromise compared to other, stronger, competing products
Alternatives? – We recommend products based on strict criteria. View our best fat burner page.

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Performix SST Review

Performix SST is dietary supplement produced in the US by Corr Jensen Labs. Customers can choose to purchase the product in easy-to-swallow capsule form or as a powder.

The formulation contains a mixture of fat burners and stimulants and although it could easily be used for general weight loss use, it will likely be more suitable for more active users who wish to boost their workouts and/or sport and fitness activities.

Instant KnockoutPerformix SST is an expensive supplement. It ranges from $60 (about £37) to $100 (about £62) per bottle online. And from what we have seen, the dosage and inclusion rates of the ingredients are nothing special.

If you’re looking for something similar to Performix but with a heftier impact on fat-burning, and a way lighter one on the wallet, we’d recommend reading our one-page summary review of the best products we have found.

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Possible Benefits According to Manufacturer

  • Supports performance goals
  • Ultra-intense thermogenic
  • Ignites the  metabolism
  • Extreme energy
  • Sharp mental focus

Performix SST Pros & Cons at a Glance

The Pros 

  • Easy to get hold of in the US
  • Excellent customer feedback
  • Option of powder of capsules


The Cons 

  • Non US-based customers are limited to one online supplier
  • Expensive product
  • Use of a proprietary blend
  • Some of the ingredients used in the powder may be different to those used in the capsules
  • Some of the ingredients may cause side effects

Supplement Facts and Differences

How it all Stacks Up

The powder and the capsules both rely on the same proprietary blend, but a close examination of the two labels reveals there may be differences between the formulations used.

Both labels state the ‘Terra Pod Ballistic Blend’ contains 200 mg of caffeine (a similar amount of caffeine to a strong cup of instant coffee) and several other ingredients including the (supposed) fat burner yohimbine, but Advantra Z is listed as an ingredient for the capsules. It is not shown on the label for the powder. This is strange because the blends should be identical.

As far as the possible benefits of the mix are concerned some of the ingredients are believed to be fat burners and others are included to act as stimulants, so on paper the blend inclusions appear to support the manufacturer’s claims for Performix SST, but the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to say what the real potential of the blend may be.

Usage Instructions

Two capsules should be take once each day on an empty stomach and the manufacturers stress the importance of never using Performix SST alongside any other stimulant-containing supplements and state it should not be used within six hours bedtime. If the powder is being used it is possible to vary the dosage by choosing to take one to three scoops each day.

Performix SST Customer Feedback

Quite surprisingly given the product’s newness to the market, plenty of feedback is available on the GNC website and the Performix SST Facebook page. As with any product there are a few nay-sayers, but the majority of customers seem to be very pleased with their purchases and give the product a 5 star rating.

“Felt amazing! I’ve never tried a thermogenic that gave me this kind of feeling. I had insane energy, yet my heart didn’t race. Felt a heightened sense of focus for hours. Highly recommend to first time users as well as thermogenic veterans.”

“You only need two capsules in the morning and you are GOOD for the whole day. The Chill Phase was pretty cool, but the increased level of energy was totally unexpected. I loved the fact that there was no crash later in the day. I took it at lunch yesterday and my 6pm workout was intense. PERFROMIX performed like a champ!

Performix SST Side Effects and Health Considerations

No side effects have been reported, but the formulation contains caffeine so it is possible some users may experience caffeine-related side effects such as jitters, headaches, and nausea.

The formulation also contains several ingredients (including Advantra Z and yohimbine) that are known to present the possibility of more worrying side effects so Performix SST should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone with known or suspected health issues.

Anyone who has any doubts about the products suitability should seek medical advice prior to using Performix SST.

Pricing & Purchasing Options

GNC appears to be responsible for the majority of sales and distribution. It is a stock item in their US stores and is also available to purchase via their website. Customers in the US also have the option of purchasing the product from eBay or Amazon, but customers elsewhere in the world will probably have buy from the GNC website.

Customers who purchase via Amazon or eBay can expect to pay around £35$60 for a bottle of 60 capsules, and a few dollars more if they choose to go for a (90 scoop) tub of the powder. The capsules carry a £60/$99 price tag on the GNC website, but the price drops to £35/$59.99 for registered site members. Site registration costs £6/$9.99.

Other Fat Burners to Consider

Instant Knockout direct from websiteWe recommend several products including Instant Knockout to use as a thermogenic fat burner – it is arguably the market leader in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia.

Instant Knockout has many testimonials and positive customer comments ranging from the hardcore bodybuilder to casual dieter looking to lose belly fat and fat that accumulates around areas such as thighs, upper arms and midriff.

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Performix SST Review, Where To buy in the US, Canada, UK and Australia — 21 Comments

  1. I took 1 capsule of the Performix SST. On a empty stomach as directed. Within a half hour I started shaking. Then for the next 4 hours I threw up. Had heart palpitations. I will never take this product again.

    • Sorry to hear that Lynn. People react differently to different products – I have used Performix in the past without any issues (Our team has to try many products for ourselves during reviews) – it is not my favourite I have to admit.

        • Hi Terri, Brad’s away on holiday at the moment, so I’ll take this one, though he might answer on the go. Performix do an awesome job at making the product look great but in our opinion there are much more powerful fat-burners available which cost a lot less. During testing we just didn’t get the results that reflect the hype and the cost surrounding it. That is, after all, what we look for, rather than fancy looking pills. However, do get back to us with your experience after you have used it. Cheers, take it easy.

  2. I was given a sample packet at our company wellness fair..I actually decided to take it this morning around 8am and by 10am I was at the ER…vomiting non stop, sweating and shaking. My blood work shows this was the cause of symptoms..I do realize everybody’s body reacts different and I must be one of them..I guess this product is not for is now 4pm and I am still sick but the vomiting has stopped but I am still shaking.

    • Cinda, we are really sorry to hear that! That sounds like a terrible experience. I’m sorry we took this long to reply. How are you doing now and what are you using? (if anything). We like products where you have to take 3 or 4 pills in daily dose, for this reason. It’s so that you can take one or two to assess your tolerance. It’s possible you are stimulant sensitive, perhaps to Yohimbine most of all.

      Take a look at our Best Of The Fat-Burners. I’d recommend any of those…and take it slow.
      Look after yourself and let us know how you are getting on.

  3. This Performix didn’t help me at all. In fact when you take it on an empty stomach (as directed I might add) it makes you feel really off.

    • Sorry to hear that Malcolm. It definitely seems to be a hit and miss product in our experience. Take a look at our Top Fat Burner page and see if any of those seem more up your alley. If you want my advice, Instant Knockout is a powerful, no-nonsense thermogenic and appetite suppressant. It will actually help make you feel comfortably full between meals so you don’t end up snacking on junk-food. Cheers. Thanks for reading.

  4. I took SST just after lunch today, I was advised to do so by GNC staff as also taking ultra mega green and this was the advice when I wuestioned taking the two together as they both contain caffeine. I woke at 3am feeling sick, sweating and with severe palpitations. I’m shaking sbd have s headache, back in the day I took xenadrine rfa1 abs even that didn’t affect me like this. It’s definitely not for me. I love in the UK and bought SST whilst on holiday in New York

  5. Caffeine anhydrous/B – 12 is what I look for on any product claiming it’s an energy booster. The caffeine in a cup of coffee isn’t equal to anhydrous.
    The powder I bought has both, and doesn’t taste like crap.
    For people that experience nausea, I recommend powder form energy boosters so you can start on a micro dose.
    Any good stimulant has parasympathetic, and sympathetic(digestive, mucous membrane)nervous system stimulation. The products on the market that don’t produce side effects are little more than placebos. An increase In CNS stimulation is a desired side effect, right?

    • Hi there, thanks for writing. I’d agree with a lot of what you say but I have to clarify that side effects and negative side effects are different things. Sympathomimetic amines are a good example of this: people often say they know they are working when they feel jittery. It’s important not to associate jitteriness or over-stimulation as a sign of the supplement working. True fat-burners that work via beta receptors, CNS stimulation and cAMP elevation etc. should work without the user needing to feel bad.

      I like what you’re saying about using powder to micro-dose if you are concerned. The option should be there for pills too; people can choose to take one pill to assess tolerance. One pill should never hold enough ingredient power to induce side effects, in my opinion.

      For the record, comments about amines and sympathetic nervous systems that I made are not endorsements of their use, because there are some unpleasant drugs in that category! Thanks again for the comment.

  6. Nice Blog, solid writing BUT, My question is to the author of this review:

    Have you actually taken the SST pill and the SST powder, both or at all?

    It is a mistake to look at the quantity of ingredients and assume it is not as effective, if not MORE effective than other products on the market.

    The reason it is expensive, is due to the TerraBead technology and the sheer innovation of the entire brand. It allows us to use less ingredients, increase absorption rates, which leads to more IMPACTFUL results. We don’t need to load it with ingredients, instead we make smart use of what we do use and deliver better results than those who use more.

    Just because you use a ton of ingredients at high doses, doesn’t mean they are being absorbed and used properly once digested.

    Let the product speak for itself! Email me for samples I will gladly send them to you. After taking it, tell me how you feel.

    In the meantime, there are many positive reviews that may motivate you to reconsider.

    • Hi Cory, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. To answer your question, yes I have taken the powder and the pill (and many other competing products/other category products of course).

      Our reviewers, including myself, try and use every product we write about to an extent, because as you say simply looking at ingredients does not present the full picture. The example customer comments added in to the review are genuine and seem to be wholly positive. We’d welcome any other credible positive reviews you have and will publish them on the site for sure.

      Which do you use out of the two? – if you don’t mind me asking. Thanks again for the message, we’ll be in touch.

  7. Hello, I just bought product and took 2 capsules as directed on a empty stomach. I had the worse nausea ever. Ended up vomiting twice and the feeling lasted all day. Do you recommend only taking one and maybe with food? I’ve been told the symptoms to subside after a few days but not sure I want to continue as I felt so bad.

    • Sorry we missed this one, Kecia. Sometimes messages fall through the cracks I’m afraid. This maybe too late to respond to your original question but, yes, if you are feeling bad on a dose of two, always reduce it. In fact, we advise with most fat burners to start small and increase it. People have different tolerance levels to others so it’s better to do it that way. As for the empty stomach – there is a reason they say to do it but, again, we find a lot of people feel slightly sick when they do that. So listed to your body and do what feels right.

      When it comes down to it, don’t push through the feelings. Change something to make it easier for yourself.

      Thanks for commenting and sorry for the lateness!!

  8. I started the pills on Monday and I feel fine. It has actually curbed my appetite and I have to make myself eat. I feel clear headed but the only down side is I get tired midafternoon. Not sure if it is the result of the pills or just me being tired from getting up so early. I like them, I plan to weigh myself after my first week.

    • Hi Brandi, thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s always good to hear from people having positive experiences. If we have any advice it’s to go steady on weighing yourself. It’s not always a bulletproof test, especially after only a week. Try instead to log your weight over time, you may see some fluctuation but if your main goal is to lose weight then you should see a downward trend over that period.

      Also, make sure you are simply assessing how you look and feel as well. That’s key. Particularly if you work out. Muscle density can throw off the whole weighing yourself thing, so make sure you are looking for the visual difference too, and not living by the scales.

      Thanks for letting us know how you were doing.

  9. Hey there I grabbed a couple bottles of these when I was in the states and I used them when I was over there and loved them! Found them to be fantastic best thermo I have used yet! I took them before breaks and had no side affects. I also lost 2 pounds and didn’t gain any extra holiday weight and my diet wasn’t the cleanest! I was wondering since we can’t get them in Australia would it be a bad idea to use before a comp? Would they come up on a drug test? I think it’s the yohimbe we can’t use?

    • Hey Mika. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you had a great experience. As for your competition; I would agree that you have to use caution. Australia is pretty tight and they are getting tighter. ASADA might not specifically ban certain substances but they watch a lot for ‘patterns of misuse.’ In this case, I believe synephrine might be the one on their radar – ASADA source page – but other ingredients may give false positives.

      As for Yohimbe/Yohimbine HCL etc. Some countries are banning it due to its safety profile and side effect risk. It is dosage dependant though so companies like Performix are generally smart enough to know how much to put in. However, it’s a good idea to treat such ingredients with the respect they deserve. An example I would give is: if you are performing an upper threshold, VO2 Max or Max HR test, it is not a good idea to take a stim-heavy supplement before-hand. Common sense should prevail, but there are people who overdo the stimulants and then overdo the workout – and the two approaches don’t marry too well.

      What’s the comp by the way? Good luck, and take care!

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