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Shredabull Product BottleProduct Name: SHREDABULL
What is it? – Fat- Burner, Cutting Cycle, Nootropic, Energizer, Anabolic
Primary function? – Shred fat AND Build Muscle
Recommended? – YES
Where is it available? – product site is the best place to go for the Herd special membership offers etc. Follow the link below

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fat burners that work

Shredded back and armsAnabolic Designs have developed a fat-burner in Shredabull, which they claim is like no other similar product on the market.

With a mixture of ingredients providing thermogenic effects alongside a boost in clean physical and mental energy, Shredabull doesn’t even stop there.

The recipe includes some compounds to prevent muscle loss that might occur during ‘cutting’ or ‘leaning out’ periods and the market copy goes as far as saying there’s an anabolic (muscle growth) factor to it.

Shredabull is trying to achieve a lot of things here, and it’s certainly got a lot of ingredients in the formula. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but often it can mean the product is spread too thin.

So is this fat-burner worth the stack of nuggets you’ve been saving up for that purpose, or is it just another load of old bull?

See what we did there!

SHREDABULL – The Short Story

Anabolic Design pillsThis is hands-down one of the best capsule-based products we have found. It has excellent ingredients at powerful dosages, and it works on so many levels too.

We have no problem recommending that you purchase and use Shredabull.

Just make sure you have enough room in your cupboard, because you will want more of this stuff!

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How Does Shredabull Work?

The manufacturer has incorporated most of the total formula’s inclusions into what they call ‘matrices’, which are essentially groupings of individual ingredients that possess similar or complimentary characteristics. There are 6 of these matrices in all, spread across 3 main targeted physiological effects. To make it easier, it’s laid out below:

1. Fat-burning matrices: Incinerate (1) and Thyrocharge (2)
2. Mental Energy: Neuro Zone (3)
3. Muscle catabolism prevention and growth support: Cortikill (4), LipiCarbolate (5) and Secretrophin (6)


Each one of the matrices has its own mini proprietary blend, which means you end up with an enormous list of ingredients included in this product.

Incinerate: Thermogenic Matrix (856mg)

Ripped curlerCaffeine Anhydrous: this pure form of caffeine should be a base component of any decent fat-burner. Caffeine has several positive effects including thermogenic fat burning, energy boosting, improved cognitive function and even muscle recovery. To get the best results from it, however, the user should limit other sources of caffeine intake and have a couple weeks completely off it every few months.

White Willow Bark: a cousin of aspirin, the salycin in WWB works particularly well in combination with caffeine. There used to be an ephedrine-aspirine-caffeine stack which was great for fat burning but a little prone to causing side-effects. The synephrine-salycilic acid-caffeine stack in this recipe is much safer and also very effective. The aspirin-like properties will help with post-workout sorness, or the dreaded DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Ginger Root Extract: Ginger gets points for its joint health, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-nausea properties…there’s a lot more too. There’s even some support for ginger giving a testosterone boost. Of course, it reduces bad cholesterol and fat retention too.

Raspberry Ketones: there’s some hype about this ingredient and some real supporting evidence for its fat-burning abilities. There’s definite hope that more research will back up the hype. At present, its not quite the panacea of thermogenesis, but of course that’s why it’s not the only ingredient here. It’s worthy of its inclusion

Citrus Aurantium: synephrine is the active thermogenic component of Citrus Aurantium. Isolating the synephrine might have been a better call but it’s still powerful. As the third element to the caffeine-salycin-synephrine mini-stack included in the recipe it’s possible the most potent.

Capsaicin Powder: hot pepper is the home of this active compound. The mechanism that causes the heat is the same that induces a thermogenic fat-burning effect. Mild pain relief is an added bonus to any lifters out there.

Thyrocharge: Thyroid Activity Enhancer (365mg)

fit girlGuggul: it may increase thyroid function, but it’s got some aces up the sleeve in the form of cholesterol reduction, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Coleus Forskohlii: one of our favourite ingredients here. Anyone that says this doesn’t work is not reading the research correctly. Forskolin is the active ingredient. It can raise cAMP levels, which are directly associated with fat loss and can improve other fat-burning ingredients like caffeine and the synephrine in Citrus Aurantium. Preliminary studies on its testosterone boosting capabilities are also promising.

Olive Leaf Extract: more cholesterol reduction, and Olive Leaf can improve insulin sensitivity which indirectly helps shed the fat over time. It’s another antioxidant and can even prevent some absorption of carbohydrates.

Neuro Zone: Mental Focus Matrix (601mg)

Pushups on nootropicsN-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: nootropics are becoming an important inclusion in any ergogenic sports supplements. Cognition function improvements are associated with this ingredient. It’s a solid base for the Neuro Zone matrix.

Phenylethylamine HCL: you can call it PEA if that’s easier. It increases some essential neurotransmitter activity; dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline.

DMAE: this is in the cholinergic family of nootropics. They are precursors to choline, and acetylcholine which is a very critical neurotransmitter. More neurotransmission means you’re in the zone for longer.

Vinpocetine: and a nootropic vasodilator to round of the matrix gets more blood, oxygen and general nutrient goodness round your grey matter. With the other ingredients in the Neuro Zone, you’ve got yourself a mental turbo.

Cortikill: Cortisone Control Matrix (200mg)

Muscles pumpedBacopa Monnieri: a bit of a cross over from the Neuro Zone if you ask us. It’s mega nootropic effects aren’t even being marketed here but it’s a great long term brain booster.

Ashwagandha: aka Withania Somnifera, can significantly reduce cortisol concentration, and…stress, insomnia, and cholesterol.

Rhodiola Rosea: reduces corticosteroids, stress, fatigue – they all sort of go hand in hand quite perfectly from a physiological and mental perspective

Lipicarbolate: Fat and Carb regulator (300mg)

Chitosan: studies suggest it can prevent fat absorption in the body

White Kidney Bean Extract: used classically as a carb blocker, which works by inhibiting the digestion of starches primarily

Secretrophin – Growth Hormone (200mg)

Cut athleteAlpha GPC: another favourite of ours. Alpha-GPC has much potential for many things. It has been shown to increase growth hormone (leading to anabolism/muscle growth). It may increase power output in the gym and is yet another nootropic, given that it can increase acetylcholine. It’s being underpromoted here.

Mucuna Pruriens: may reduce cortisol, increase testosterone and growth hormone. And it’s yet another brain supplement

Additional Ingredients

Vitamin B6 (10mg)
Vitamin B12 (1000mcg)
Niacin (20mg)
Folic Acid (400mcg)
Chromium (200mcg)
Calcium Carbonate (100mg)
Senna Seed (10mg)

Our Thoughts On The Recipe

Thumbs upAnabolic Dimension’s formulators should get a medal for the effort they must have put into that recipe. It has to be one of the most complex, and complete supplements we’ve seen and it looks like they’ve even crammed decent dosages in there, though individual weights aren’t indicated on the label – just the matrices’ total.

The vitamin and mineral support is a bonus, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. The B vitamins particularly are an important platform for the rest of the supplement. Many people in western countries such as the UK do not get enough of the vitamin and vitamin-like ingredients in Shredabull.

The multi-tasking nature of many of the inclusions is really good to see as well, and we’re highlighting the nootropics as one of the major examples of that. The Neuro Zone only has a few ingredients in it but the company is doing itself a bit of an injustice really as the whole blend is riddled with them (as secondary effects of other compounds), and that’s excellent.

Usage Directions

Three capsules should be taken each day for average users. One just after you wake up, one before lunch and one between 45 and 60 minutes before training. If you are on a non-workout day however take the last capsule in the afternoon.

You shouldn’t take one of them inside 4 hours of going to bed as the stimulants might keep you awake – and you need to get some muscle-building sleep!!

As usual, follow the instructions on the packaging and any precautions outlined; if you’re suffering from a medical condition or taking other medication then consult your GP before taking this supplement or anything else with bioactive ingredients. Also, ladies, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding then ask the doctor for sure.

Side Effects

Anything that contains stimulants like this might give you a bit of a kick you weren’t expecting, if you’re not used to stimulants. That being the case, if you want to ease into taking Shredabull, then take it slow and limit the dose by half for a couple of days until your body’s ready and then you can crank it up to the recommended dose on the label.

The average user should not experience any side effects from taking this product.

So, Is Shredabull Recommended?

We are confident you’ll see some excellent results from using Shredabull. It’s obviously jam-packed full of ingredients. As we mentioned in the intro, that can go both ways. This has the right stuff in it, and there’s plenty of research, empirical and anecdotal evidence to say they are close to bang-on with the formula.

Shredabull is definitely not your run of the mill fat-burner, the company is correct on that count as well.

This product is so easily recommendable that it’s going straight onto the regular supplement shelf at the office here. And that’s a privilege not enjoyed by many.

Purchasing and Delivery

As well as all the major credit cards, you can pay with PayPal, which is awesome. The product also ships worldwide, so no problem if you live outside the United Kingdom; you can get it delivered to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and so on.

Shredabull Product BottleA bottle of Shredabull goes for £37.98 (~$57) from the official site, but there are special offers running much of the time and a points card system (HerdMembership) that allows you to build up some discount.

There are even Buy One Get One Free offers available at certain times with the membership.

We’d advise that you definitely get this from the official site, that way you know you are getting the latest blend and the genuine product. Follow the link below if you would like to visit the product site. It helps us a tiny bit as well if you use our link.

Click here to go straight to the official Shredabull page

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