Slimvida Review – Positives, Negatives, Is the Free Trial a Scam?

Slimvida reviewWho Makes It? – Natural Health Network
What Is It? – Fat burner and energy booster
Basic Function? – Helps to flatten stomach by burning excess fat. Reduce gas and bloating.
Recommended? – Cannot recommend, A typical Amazon product.
Alternatives? – Phen375 is a fat burner made from pharmacy grade ingredients. It is arguably the best selling fat burner on the open market.

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fat burners that are not recommended

Slimvida Review

Official website for SlimvidaThe manufacturers claim that Slimvida is a dietary supplement which aids with losing weight, through speeding up the body’s metabolism. By speeding up the metabolism, the human body can burn more fat in the same space of time, thus helping with the reduction of excess body weight. Up to 75% of carbohydrate energy (fat) is blocked from being absorbed, with the manufacturers claiming that 85% of any weight lost while using the Slimvida product will be pure body fat.

The product comes in the form of capsules, two of which are to be consumed once a day, prior to eating lunch. Although additional capsules can be taken (up to six per day, two before each meal), customers are advised against taking more than six, or using large quantifies for long periods of time. Each bottle of capsules contains 60 pills, which can be purchased for £50 online.

One bottle should last a month using two capsules per day, but customers who wish to use six per day will have to replace a bottle every ten days – that is £150 a month in addition to food bills. This makes the price of the pills either reasonable if you are happy to take just two per day, or quite excessive (when compared to other weight loss aids) if taken en masse.

Key Ingredients

Unlike some competitors, Slimvida uses a comparatively large number of ingredients, in somewhat high quantifies. Each capsule will contain:

  • Oolong Tea Extract
  • 5-HTP
  • Green Tea Extract, which yields 75mg caffeine and  135 mg EGCG
  • Amylezene Fractionated Bean Extract, Standardized to 3000 AAIU
  • White Tea Extract
  • Vitamin B6, D3, and B12
  • Acai Berry Powder
  • Folic Acid.

Amylezene Fractionated Bean Extract is obtained from white kidney beans, and claims to work by blocking carbohydrates. However we are unable to find scientific studies to verify this claim, aside from what the manufacturer says.

The extract of green teas has been proven to help with losing weight, and the acai berry has also been studied by scientists who have found that it has a very positive impact on the digestive system.

Despite being included in the product, we have no information as to why oolong tea, white tea, folic acid and the vitamins are included. They certainly help to keep the body healthy, but they can be obtained from other sources and are naturally-occurring in a lot of foods; why they are included to aid with weight loss is unclear, and may possibly be simply to make the product a more complex blend of healthy ingredients.

The Slimvida website proudly claims that their product has been scientifically-proven to work, but the studies which are listed are studied into the white kidney bean benefits specifically, and there is no evidence that the Slimvida product works to aid with weight loss. For example, the FAQs web page cites a study from the Catholic University in Rome, but misappropriates the claim by stating that it was Slimvida which was tested, when it fact it becomes clear that it was white kidney bean which was part of the trial. Does white kidney bean help with weight loss? Almost certainly – does that mean that Slimvida is worth the £50 price tag per month? Not necessarily.

Slimvida Media Focus

A quick Google search will show the complaints which have been brought against Slimvida by a variety of customers and websites. Not only do complaints stem from questions over the effectiveness of the capsules, but also from problems using the website to pay for products, including issues with the automatic-renewal system overcharging customers. Be warned: the free trials have been criticised extensively as misleading, and you need to provide a credit card which will be charged automatically when you make a single purchase.

To put the complaints into perspective, in just two years an independent scam-awareness website has listed more than 200 complaints, with an average of over £100 in overcharges or failed returns. [source]

Any Success Stories

We are unable to find any independent, bias-free reports that the product works, or that customers have had any positive experience using Slimvida capsules. That isn’t to say that there are none, but we simply cannot find any evidence that the product works.

Slimvida Side Effects and Precautions

As always, you should check with your doctor before taking any supplements to your diet or trying weight loss programs. Women who are expecting children, or are breastfeeding, should avoid all supplements, and the capsules should not be taken by those who are not yet 18. In fact, we would advise against anyone taking the capsules, period.

Healthcare professionals are questioned the safety of consuming 5-HTP, which they say can cause muscle tenderness and issues with the blood system. In addition to the concerns surrounding 5-HTP, those taking the Slimvida capsules can look forward to sleepless nights thanks to the high caffeine levels, and stomach issues thanks to our friend the white kidney bean.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

In a word, no.

The product is based around hype and the appearance of doing good. The claims are ridiculous, and the products do not stand up to any scientific testing. If you are at the end of your tether (which you must be to consider Slimvida), I implore you to look elsewhere and try other dietary supplements. Other products can certainly work, but the Slimvida capsules are a huge risk for what seems to be very questionably reward.

The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom has criticised the manufacturer of the product, claiming that their website is misleading and that they advertise claims which cannot be verified.

There are very few products which we have reviewed and urged customers this emphatically to avoid, so please take that as a warning. If you see any adverts for Slimvida, or hear your friends recommending it steer clear.

Recommended Alternative

Phen375 recommended fat burnerWe recommend Phen375 – a highly potent fat burners and appetite suppressant that is suitable for both men and women.

It is also ideal for many circumstances – whether you are a hardcore athlete wishing burn fat and form lean muscle mass or just looking to burn excess belly fat

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