Fusion Sub-Q – Does it work, positives, negative and where to buy

SubQ-fat-burnerWho Makes It? – Fusion
What Is It? – Fat burner
Basic Function? – Burns fat and promotes lean muscle mass
Recommended? – Hard to recommend – other preferred
Alternatives? – There are several products that are recommended over and above – we have compiled our list here

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Fusion Sub-Q Review

Sub Q fat burner website UKFusion Sub-Q is a combined fat burner and workout intensifier produced in Canada by Fusion Bodybuilding Inc.

Fusion’s marketing spiel describes the product as a ‘revolutionary supplement’ that contains ‘breakthrough ingredients’, but most of the ingredients used in the formulation can be found in any number of competing bodybuilding blends.

Sub-Q comes in the form of big, red, torpedo-shaped tablets. Fusion refers to them as bullet caplets, but caplets are usually much smaller and easy to swallow so the name is somewhat deceptive. The bullet-type design is used as a selling point though and Fusion claims it dissolves layer by layer while consecutively carving ‘micro-channels’ in the caplet structure that allow the ingredients to be released from the inside out.

Advertised Benefits

  • Promotes Lean Muscle Mass
  • Effective Fat Burner
  • Provides increased cellular activity and energy

Usage Instructions

The first dose of the day should be taken before breakfast or before a training session if it is a training day. The second does is taken in the middle of the afternoon, but never within five hours of bedtime. New users begin supplementation by taking a reduced dose and gradually work their way up to full dosage over a period of days while assessing for any tolerance issues.

  • Days 1 and 2: Once caplet, taken twice a day.
  • Days 3 and 4: Two caplets taken twice a day.
  • Day 5 onwards: Three Caplets taken twice a day.

Fusion Sub-Q Pros & Cons at a Glance

The Pros 

  • May assist fat burning
  • May provide extra energy & focus
  • May help suppress the appetite
  • Some positive feedback available
  • Contains some potentially good ingredients
The Cons 

  • Quite a large tablet to take
  • Unproven formulation
  • Many customers report side effects




Key Ingredients

The capsules rely on three proprietary blends.

Three capsules contain:

Absorption Initiator Blend (3mg)

Presumably responsible for the caplets alleged ability to release its active ingredients from the inside out while the outside dissolves layer by layer, the blend contains one ingredient only—a patent protected black pepper extract called Bioperine. There is no reason why the ingredient should in any way aid the capsule dissolve rate or mechanism, but the piperine alkaloid contained in black pepper is a tested and proven fat burner.

Beyond Ripped Complex (924mg)

  • L-Leucine (360mg)
  • L-Isoleucine (180mg)
  • L-Valine (180mg)
  • Razberi-K  (99mg)

A combination of amino acids and raspberry ketone.  The three amino acids are common inclusions in body building blends and are usually incorporated to fight fatigue and encourage muscle growth. Raspberry ketone is more commonly associated with weight loss blends. The compound is primarily used as a fat burner, but it is also believed to possess appetite suppressing qualities.

Fat-Incinerator Complex (627mg)

  • Camellia Sinensis (201mg):  Techno-speak for green tea—a common inclusion in weight loss blends due to its strong fat burning reputation. [Learn more]
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (201mg):  A powdered form of caffeine that should provide extra energy and may also assist with appetite suppression, but is not known to directly contribute to fat burning.
  • Forslean (75mg):  An extract obtained from the roots of the plant coleus forskohil. The ingredient is believed to speed up the metabolism and encourage fat burning, but further study is required.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (75mg):  An amino acid believed to reduce stress levels and improve mental focus.
  • Salvia Sclarea (75mg):  A herbal compound that has many uses, but incinerating fat has never been proven to be one of them. [Learn more]

Sub Q Health Considerations

The manufacturers advise seeking medical advice prior to using Fusion Sub-Q.

Customer Feedback

Customer reviews are a mixed bag. Some rate the tablets highly, other’s do not and one users calls them ‘big red horse tablets’ that ‘taste rather nasty’.

Another user couldn’t stomach them at all, stating:

“I’m in pain with stomach cramps, and diarrhea after 4 days of use. It may work great for others but for me this is horrible.

While another user reports:

“It didn’t work and I feel dizzy every time.”

Some users paint a much better picture of the product:

“I have tried allot of fat burners, and this one is really the best one i have used. It gives me allot of energy and you really work up a sweat with this product. I absolutely love it.”

Love this fat burner! Doesn’t give me the jitters that other fat burners have in the past! It’s a good one!”

[/plain]“I lose more than 30 Kg using a lot of different supplements. I’ve tried the most well-known ones, and I can assure: THIS IS THE BEST! No discuss about it. In only 5 days you look the huge benefits.”[/plain]

Pricing & Purchasing Options

The Fusion Bodybuilding website diverts potential customers to a sales page at Bodybuilding.com so they would appear to the manufacturer’s favored marketing partner, but Fusion Sub-Q can also be purchased from any number of alternative online stores as well and can usually be found listed on eBay and Amazon.  A bottle of 120 capsules typically costs around £29/$47 when purchased from Bodybuilding.com. Customers who purchase via Amazon can usually secure a £6/$10 saving.

Recommended Alternative

what are fat burnersWe base our recommendations on lots if different criteria with high importance placed on what its customer actually think.

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